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Temporary Erosion Blankets

Curlex Blankets

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The Original Curlex® Erosion Control Blanket – Designed using cuts of Great Lakes aspen fibers, these blankets were developed in the early 1960s to provide ideal conditions for grass seed growth, while simultaneously shielding the topsoil from water and wind erosion. These blankets also have a built-in swell factor which allows the fibers to expand and form a stronger matrix when wet.

Straw Blankets


The temporary ECB products use photodegradable nettings which are ultimately broken down by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They can be used in a variety of applications including moderate to steep slopes, medium- to high-flow channels, shorelines and other areas needing protection until permanent vegetation is established.



GeoCon Supply carries all your hydromulch needs.  Paper mulch, Wood mulch, Blended mulch, seed, fertilizer and tackifier. No matter the size of your project.  Give us a call and we will help you figure out how much you will need.

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