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Mirafi Geotextile Fabrics

Mirafi NonWoven Geotextile Fabrics

Mirafi Nonwoven Geotextiles N Series, S Series

Mirafi® nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles are staple fibers used for soil separation and drainage. They combine high durability, along with excellent physical and hydraulic properties.   TenCate Mirafi® geotextiles are used in a wide variety of applications including subsurface drainage and roadway separation applications. 

Mirafi Woven Geotextile Fabrics

Mirafi Woven Geotextiles



Mirafi® woven slit film polypropylene geotextiles provide separation for good subgrades by preventing mixing of subgrade soils and base aggregates.

Mirafi High Performance Woven Fabrics

Mirafi HP Wovens, Mirafi RSi Wovens, Mirafi PET Wovens

Mirafi® high performance woven geotextiles are used for base course reinforcement and soil stabilization/reinforcement applications.

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