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Sediment Control Products

Reinforced Wire Backed Silt Fence, Woodstake Silt Fence

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GeoCon Supply has all the silt fence products to help your projects from sediment runoff.  Wire backed with t-posts or woodstake silt fence, give us a call so we can help you figure out how many feet you will need. 


Straw Wattles


Straw Wattles stop sediment from going into curb inlet storm drain.  Also used on slopes to slow water down and helps keep erosion from happening on slopes. GeoCon Supply carries all your wattle needs.


Silt Sack

Silt Sacks help stop sediment from going into parking lot storm drains. Remove the grate, drop bag in and put grate back on top to help hold it in place.  Make sure you empty them regularly to keep from damaging.

Site GeoCon Supply LLC knows what you need to make your home sediment control project a success. Check out our selection for the best sediment control results.

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