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StormKeeper™ Stormwater Chambers

StormKeeper™ Stormwater Chambers
The Application

StormKeeper™ Stormwater Chambers maximize the underground storage potential where available storage depth is limited, but still provide great flexibility with minimum and maximum cover heights of 2 and 8 feet, respectively. Used primarily beneath paved areas to preserve usable real estate, they also find application in green spaces for Low Impact Development (LID) practices.

The Offerings

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Available in two sizes with nominal heights of 30 and 45 inches, the chamber designations SK75 and SK180 were crafted to identify the installed chamber storage capacities of 75 and 180 cubic feet, respectively, when using standard storage depth profiles.

The Difference

Engineered using the most advanced modeling techniques, and precision manufactured to the highest standards, the StormKeeper™ Stormwater Chamber is a combination of a lightweight product with excellent structural integrity, and a geometry designed for maximum storage.

The Commitment

StormKeeper™ Stormwater Chambers are injection-molded for uniform, precise material placement to ensure design strength and arch stiffness, exceeding all requirements of ASTM F2418, the standard specification for polypropylene storm water collection chambers.

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