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Mirafi XT Uniaxial GeoGrids

3XT, 5XT, 7XT, 8XT, 10XT, 20XT, 22XT, 24XT

Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are high performance woven polyester and polymer-coated geogrids used for soil reinforcement.  TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are used in Mechanically Stabilized Earth applications including internally reinforced walls, segmental retaining walls (SRW's), and steepend slopes. TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids provide high, long-term design strengths (LTDS) and excellent soil interaction. TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are constructed of high tenacity, high molecular weight, woven polyester to deliver long-term performance

GeoCon Supply LLC knows what you need to make your retaining wall geogrid needs a success. Check out our selection for the best geogrid results to hold your walls back.

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